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Highland Hills

Highland Hills has served Northern Colorado as one of the top championship golf courses since 1964. Boasting over 1300 trees and undulating terrain, gives every golfer an enjoyable and exciting experience regardless of the playing ability. The Highland Hills Amateur Open and other major tournaments like the Men’s and Women’s State Stroke Play Championship, High School State Championships and the Big I Junior State Championships have called Highland home in recent years. We hope you enjoy your next round at Highland Hills Golf Course.

This traditional golf course was opened in 1959 and designed by Frank Hummel. We offer spectacular views, unsurpassed service, and an amazing course that golfers of all skill levels will enjoy.
Highland Hills offers a variety of ways for golfers to improve their game prior to a round of golf or just for practice. Players can work on their full swing on the driving range utilizing targets between 50 and 300 yards. In addition, there are two practice putting greens and a short game area to help golfers improve all areas of the game and ultimately lower scores.

If you’re interested in improving your golf game please contact the Highland Hills Golf Course Pro Shop at 970-353-GOLF (4653) to arrange private instructions. Golf instructions are also available for groups of friends, families, or coworkers.

Taking pride in offering the best to every golfer who walks through the door, Highland Hills Golf Course strives to offer top of the line clothing, equipment and accessories. Meeting the needs of every customer with their selections of clothing, equipment, golf balls, golf accessories, gift certificates, tournament prizes and custom club fitting with top name brands (to name a few) like Titleist, Ping, Footjoy and Oakley that help our customers get exactly what they want in golf.
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1st Hole

Par 4

Stepping on the tee box at the 1st Hole offers a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. This par-4 is played slightly uphill with the slope guiding your ball into the right side of the green. Landing your tee-shot on the left side of the fairway will take the front right bunker out of play during your upcoming approach shots.

Black 419 Handicap 9
Blue 407 Handicap 9
White 363 Handicap 9
Red 313 Handicap 7

2nd Hole

Par 4

The 2nd Hole, par-4 plays uphill from tee to green. Accurate yardage is crucial on this hole and most golfers require an extra club during their approach shots.

Black 435 Handicap 5
Blue 405 Handicap 5
White 393 Handicap 5
Red 318 Handicap 11

3rd Hole

Par 4

The third par-4 in a row offers the first dogleg right on the course. You must play your tee shot left, giving you the best opportunity to play your approach shot onto the green. Keep in mind the green slopes left to right so make sure you play your approach shot carefully.

Black 431 Handicap 3
Blue 420 Handicap 3
White 341 Handicap 3
Red 298 Handicap 13

4th Hole

Par 5

The first par-5 on the course offers a beautiful cut fairway heavily treed on both sides of the fairway. Tee shots on the left side of the fairway open up approach shots into the green. Keep in mind the slight dogleg right. The narrow putting green has bunkers located on the left, and right sides of the green guarding the front of the green.

Black 504 Handicap 11
Blue 485 Handicap 11
White 460 Handicap 11
Red 420 Handicap 3

5th Hole

Par 3

This straight away par-3 can be very tricky so make sure you choose the correct club. Surrounded by beautiful trees, judge the wind correctly or you could end up very short of the green.

Black 189 Handicap 17
Blue 176 Handicap 17
White 153 Handicap 17
Red 121 Handicap 17

6th Hole

Par 4

The most scenic par 4 on the course requires players to layup their tee shot to avoid a pond. Players can expect to use a mid-to-short iron for their approach shot onto the green. Avoid the front left bunker and pond all together by putting your tee shot on the right edge of the fairway. Make sure your shot into the green is played accurately to avoid the harsh back to front slope, with the top part of the green also slopping to the left.

Black 362 Handicap 15
Blue 352 Handicap 15
White 339 Handicap 15
Red 296 Handicap 5

7th Hole

Par 5

The second par-5 on the front nine is straightaway and goes uphill for the last 275 yards. Make sure you play your shots in the fairway, avoiding the tree lined rough.

Black 538 Handicap 7
Blue 532 Handicap 7
White 511 Handicap 7
Red 448 Handicap 7

8th Hole

Par 4

The hardest hole on the course requires a must hit fairway off the tee. The second shot requires most players to test their long iron ability. The final test is the approach shot, landing it softly on the green to avoid the noticeable slope to the left.

Black 445 Handicap 1
Blue 435 Handicap 1
White 420 Handicap 1
Red 420 Handicap 9

9th Hole

Par 3

The final hole on the front nine offers a tricky par-3 with a two tiered green. For the best results hitting a very accurate approach shot from the tee onto the correct tier. Hitting a long shot makes for a very tough up and down.

Black 220 Handicap 13
Blue 210 Handicap 13
White 167 Handicap 13
Red 125 Handicap 15

10th Hole

Par 4

The first hole of the back nine presents a challenging dog leg left. Playing your tee-shot to the right takes the trees out of play on the left. With a slight uphill shot to the green, accurate yardage is required for your approach shot.

Black 395 Handicap 6
Blue 385 Handicap 6
White 374 Handicap 6
Red 329 Handicap 2

11th Hole

Par 4

This shorter par-4 is tricky off the tee with the dog left right. Club selection is crucial, with the goal to place your tee shot on the left side of the fairway enough to see the flag. The bunker on the front left of the green requires accuracy with your approach shot. With a very flat green and a couple good shots this hole can give you a quick birdie to start the back nine.

Black 374 Handicap 16
Blue 363 Handicap 16
White 353 Handicap 16
Red 318 Handicap 8

12th Hole

Par 4

The shortest par 4 at Highland Hills has out of bounds markers along the left side, really testing the golfer’s accuracy off the tee. A large bunker guarding the front of this small sloped green, requires all approach shots to be taken with supreme accuracy.

Black 329 Handicap 14
Blue 319 Handicap 14
White 303 Handicap 14
Red 269 Handicap 14

13th Hole

Par 4

This par-4 has a sharp dogleg to the right. Longer hitters can take the chance to hit their tee shot over the treed corner and will cut the distance in yards for approach shots to green. A straightaway tee shot leaves a long iron or utility wood for a second shot to a small green.

Black 433 Handicap 4
Blue 411 Handicap 4
White 365 Handicap 4
Red 280 Handicap 12

14th Hole

Par 3

This fun but very demanding par-3 plays 215 yards from the tips and drops to 105 yards for the front tees. The green is protected by a large front right bunker with large trees to the left. This hole has a strong emphasis on a straighter tee shot for a birdie opportunity.

Black 215 Handicap 12
Blue 200 Handicap 12
White 156 Handicap 12
Red 105 Handicap 18

15th Hole

Par 5

The only par-5 on the back 9 plays over a lake on tee shots from the back tees. With trees on both sides of this hole and the two bunkers in front of the green, accurate yardage to the putting green is important for approach shots.

Black 510 Handicap 10
Blue 500 Handicap 10
White 485 Handicap 10
Red 405 Handicap 4

16th Hole

Par 4

This demanding slight dogleg right par-4 is one of the more challenging holes at Highland Hills. The hole is lined with trees, a front left bunker and a lake on the right of putting green that can come into play with a wayward approach shot to the green.

Black 443 Handicap 2
Blue 401 Handicap 2
White 349 Handicap 2
Red 314 Handicap 3

17th Hole

Par 3

The shortest par-3 at Highland Hills also offers the largest green. Nothing special here! Just hit a good tee shot and sink your putt for an easy birdie.

Black 181 Handicap 18
Blue 165 Handicap 18
White 143 Handicap 18
Red 108 Handicap 16

18th Hole

Par 4

The final hole is a par-4 with a sharp dogleg to the right. With a layup tee shot to the corner leaving a long-to-mid iron approach. There are two bunkers that can come into play if the tee shot goes straightaway through the fairway and there are bunkers on front right and left of the green. A great finishing hole to a great golf course!

Black 384 Handicap 8
Blue 369 Handicap 8
White 343 Handicap 8
Red 322 Handicap 6