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Back 9 Redesign

As a result of a unique land swap with Greeley-Evans School District 6, city contractors will re-align what is known as the “Back 9” of Boomerang Links golf course as well as make significant water efficiency improvements.

Project Overview

Beginning in March, 2021, the City of Greeley and Boomerang Links golf course will begin construction on 3.5 new holes in a unique land swap with Greeley-Evans School District 6 that will make way for the K-8 Tointon Academy of Pre-Engineering.  This land swap allows city contractors to re-align what is known as the “Back 9” of Boomerang Links golf course while allowing Greeley-Evans School District 6 to develop their site.  The land swap is mutually beneficial as it allows greater access for District 6 along 71st Avenue while allowing the City of Greeley to make significant water efficiency improvements, including elimination of many ponds, and allow for wider golfing corridors along the back 9 holes.

What is the timeline for completion?

Construction of a new irrigation pond, pump station and new golf holes began March 2021. Due to numerous weather and delivery delays during construction and the need to transfer the old holes #10-11-12 to Greeley-Evans School District 6 on January 1, 2022, the back nine holes will be closed to players from January 1 through July 1, 2022. This will allow time for the newly seeded grass to root properly for play next summer.  The Tointon Academy of Pre-Engineering is slated to open Fall 2022.

Which holes will be affected by the construction project?

Due to the ultimate land swap with District 6, holes #10, #11, and #12 will be moved to the west. Hole #13 will be changed to a par 3. (See drawing below)  This move places the golf corridors away from proposed developments and major roadways, reducing ongoing noise and safety concerns.

What will the 2021 golf season look like at Boomerang Links Golf Course?

The intent is to operate as close to an 18-hole facility as possible using the current layout during construction, with some holes modified/closed as needed.

  • Hole #10 will be shortened to a par 3 length for the entire 2021 season.
  • Hole #13 will be shortened to a par 3 length utilizing a temporary green until construction of the new hole and pond reconstruction is complete.
  • Construction will require the closure of the 4th street tunnel. Alternative routes will be provided across 4th street to access Hole #10 and the return to the clubhouse following Hole #18.

Temporary closures of one or more holes will be required throughout the season to allow for irrigation installation and adequate construction buffers due to trenching. During the irrigation installation, staff hope to have the entire back nine open on Sundays.

What other impacts will construction have on Boomerang Links?

Dundee Drive, located east of the clubhouse and currently ends going south at 4th street, will extend onto the golf course through the current hole #10. This is one of the reasons hole #10 will be reduced to a par 3 during construction.

How will construction affect par levels on the back nine?

During construction Boomerang back nine will have four par 3’s, three par 4’s and two par 5’s. Par on the back nine will be 34 and the entire golf course will be a par 70. Existing par is 36 on the back nine and the entire Boomerang Links golf course is a par 72.

After construction is complete, what will the par levels and distances look like for the new holes?

See the below score card for all the details.

How is this project being funded?

District 6 is funding the relocation of the new golf holes, with input from water/sewer for their expansion of the regional non-pot system and pond lining as well as the City’s Capital Project fund for new irrigation components on the rest of the golf course and for maintenance/establishment of the new holes.

Who designed the new course holes?

Phelps-Atkinson Golf Design designed the new golf holes.

What is the budget for the Boomerang Back 9 Redesign and construction?

2.8 million dollars

How much land is being swapped with Greeley-Evans School District 6?

The City of Greeley has agreed to a 25-acre for 25-acre swap. (See image below). It should be noted that the final land exchange will not occur until the new golf holes are playable for the public.

What are the benefits of this project?

Benefits to Boomerang Links Golf Course

  • Move golf corridors away from proposed developments and major roadways, reducing ongoing noise and safety concerns
  • Installation of a modern, state of the art irrigation system to more efficiently apply water to the golf course.

Benefits to Greeley-Evans School District 6:

  • Better access to purchased land, with the ability to effectively develop the entire parcel.
  • Position the school in a location away from the golf course.

Benefits to the City of Greeley Water & Sewer Department

  • Eliminate the estimated 250+ acre-feet of annual water loss due to leaking ponds throughout the golf course.
  • Develop a regional non-potable irrigation system to provide raw irrigation water to both the golf course and school site, in addition to future planned sites in West Greeley.

Who is building the Tointon Academy for School District 6?

Roche Constructors, Inc. is the contractor for the new school. For more information, visit greeleyschools.org.

Back 9 Redesign

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