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Valued Golfer-

The City of Greeley public golf courses, Highland Hills and Boomerang Links Golf Courses, are restricting the rental & usage of electric riding golf carts starting Monday, January 14, 2019. This is due to the extreme drought conditions and to make all efforts to currently protect the golf courses and secure the excellent playability of our golf courses for this upcoming season.

However, our regular and visiting golfers who are qualified individuals with mobility disabilities may identify themselves to golf course management and will be allowed to rent a riding golf cart. We ask at the time of the rental the accessibility placard we provide stays in view on the golf cart. Golf course management is also requiring these golf carts stay on all cart paths where available and where cart paths are not available make all efforts to stay a minimum of 20 feet from all tees and greens.

We are hoping this restriction on riding golf carts will cease within a couple of weeks. The golf courses do have a plan in place that charges up the irrigation systems early in February if this winter drought continues. We prefer not to go to this extent but are prepared to do so to provide moisture to the courses.

The City of Greeley Golf Division thanks you for your understanding and cooperation during this tough circumstance.


Wayne Leighton, PGA
Manager of Golf
City of Greeley
(970) 330-7327